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Devine's Providence

     Harry Devine, a private detective and former cop, has a love of scotch, cigars, and old Film Noir movies. Chelsea Woodstern is a true-crime blogger and podcaster with a troubled past and a reputation for being anti-law enforcement. When Chelsea shows up on Harry's doorstep asking for help in an investigation, Harry is immediately smitten, but soon finds himself in over his head. What started as an investigation into government corruption leads to extortion, bribery, kidnapping...and even murder.

      Now Chelsea must work with Harry and his old partner Jake to get to the bottom of a conspiracy that gets more widespread and more sinister the deeper they dig. Harry must fight through his depression, alcoholism, and feelings for Chelsea in order to do what's right.

Design by Caroline Johnson

Edited by Dominic Wakeford

Available in Paperback or Kindle Edition on


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1920's couple
We Who Own The Night

(Work in Progress)

     Where Felix and Maya Silverton go, excitement always seems to follow. This time is no exception----a weekend-long party in an historic New Orleans mansion hosted by Maya's sister. Strange things start happening, but the excitement amongst the guests soon turns to horror when they realize there is a murderer in their midst. Can Felix use his detective skills to find out what's really going on? And what's all this about a voodoo curse? Everybody's a suspect and nothing is as it seems in this story full of twists, turns, and surprises.

Coming 2022!

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